Waialua Pig Roast

This Little Piggy Part IV

(Continued from Part III)

This is the third year our pig roast was held at the Yoneshige family beach house in Waialua. The weather was perfect! Blue skies and sunshine made eight hours of pig roasting literally, a day on the beach. This year’s pig was no ordinary pig. It was a 50 lb. Shinsato Farms pig, slow roasted over kiawe wood and basted with coconut water. Continue reading “Waialua Pig Roast”

Shinsato Farms

This Little Piggy Part I

In Hawaii, pork has become synonymous with the name, Shinsato. The farm is known for high quality, locally raised pigs. Their pork is served on well-known menus across town, including Pig & The Lady, 12th Ave, Town, BLT Steak, Prima, and Halekulani. For the past five years we organize an annual pig roast with a few friends. This year’s piggy came from Shinsato Farms with a one-on-one tour from the owner.

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Hawaii Stands Together (New Years 2016)

Fireworks during New Years have been a long-standing tradition in Hawaii. This year was spent in Aiea on Royal Summit, overlooking Pearl Harbor. Hawaii put on a real show this year, despite the fireworks ban. Continue reading “Hawaii Stands Together (New Years 2016)”


Mochi-Tsuki is a Japanese new year’s tradition for our family and many other local families. From what I know, it’s a tradition that has been passed down from my husband’s great-uncle to my father-in-law, and now to my husband. Although he had a lot of help from mom and dad, this was the first year he was officially in charge of organizing our annual mochi-tsuki.

The day starts early in the morning before the sun rises at my in-laws house. This time of year, the weather is cold and crisp in Mililani. Mochi rice is washed and soaked days ahead, the red bean paste (anko) is prepared, and the actual mochi pounding is hard work. Continue reading “Mochi-Tsuki”