Hawaii Stands Together (New Years 2016)

Fireworks during New Years have been a long-standing tradition in Hawaii. This year was spent in Aiea on Royal Summit, overlooking Pearl Harbor. Hawaii put on a real show this year, despite the fireworks ban. This is a clip of the celebration from Pearl City to Kapolei, with an inspirational video of the classic, All Hawaii Stand Together. The video was filmed and recorded on-site at scenic locations around the state, featuring some of Hawaii’s premier musicians. Let’s hope Hawaii can stand together to ensure this tradition survives for generations to come.

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All Hawaii Stand Together by Liko Martin (full video)


All Hawaii stands together
It is now and forever
To raise our voices
And hold our banner high

We shall stand as a nation
To guide the destinies of our generations
To sing and praise the glories of our land


Within stone walls and cities of refuge, We learn the sacred ways
Upon Waipio’s valley floor the ancient battles rage
From the barren slopes of Kaho’o—lawe to the shores of Kahana Bay
We shall claim our lands from the Barking Sands to the valleys of Hana—lei

Chorus Repeat

History of All Hawaii

All Hawaii Stand Together was first written and performed by Liko Martin in the 70’s–the Hawaiian renaissance. It was a time of revival and awareness for Hawaiian music, heritage, and social issues. Check out these old photos of the first public performance of the All Hawaii on the grounds of Iolani Palace. The song has since become an anthem for supporters of Hawaiian sovereignty.

Fireworks in Hawaii

Fireworks have been at least partially banned since 2011. It’s critical to find a happy medium if we want to continue existing in a semi-legal gray area. This means: 1) Please STAY SAFE!! Be careful and no be all tantaran and 2) Keep your fireworks for New Years. They’re not for Christmas or Thanksgiving. In unofficial polls, it seems people are generally ok with fireworks on New Years Eve. Anything earlier, and you’re always going to have those HPD complaints.

Although the fireworks issue is not as compelling as the Hawaiian sovereignty movement, it was still inspiring to see all Hawaii come together–from Kaneohe to Kapolei–to light up the sky. Our culture is deeply rooted in tradition. I hope we never let it die, Hawaiian or otherwise.

And if All Hawaii wasn’t inspirational enough, you can always watch some firework action with this epic video of Braveheart! “They may take our lives. But they’ll never take…OUR FREEDOM!!!!” Haha.


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