Koba’s Nursery (& Lunch)

I first found Koba’s Nursery when looking for centerpieces for our 1st Birthday. Prices are affordable and the setting is gorgeous with the Ko’olaus in the backdrop. As an added bonus you can also do your shopping around the sprawling property in one of their golf carts!

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Summer Classics

Hawaii beaches are stunning, some of the best in the world. But as much as I like the beach, I have to admit, I’m mostly here for the food. Forget about looking slim in a suit. It’s all about the hot sun, salt air, and cold beer. Especially if it’s with a side of Giovanni’s Garlic Shrimp.

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A+Sushi aka Sushi Kumagai

Atsushi 333 Ward Ave Ste. 3-51 Honolulu 96813

The one thing I miss most from my former life since becoming a mom, is GOOD sushi. Date night doesn’t happen often and all the best sushi restaurants are only open for dinner…until now.

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This Year Skip the Cookies

Every year I try to find unique gifts with universal appeal for the foodies in my life. And let’s face it, who isn’t a foodie? For me, the perfect gift is something that lasts long after the holidays and enjoyed even after you’ve had your fill of cookies and candy. Something utilitarian but special. Last year I gave out slabs of thick cut bacon and Iberico jamon purchased online from La Tienda. This year I purchased everything in person, so if you’re a last minute shopper like me, no worry. Still get chance. Continue reading “This Year Skip the Cookies”

Okinawan Sweet Potato Pie

This year I had big plans for our Halloween pumpkin–fresh baked pie from scratch to go with our Thanksgiving kiawe smoked turkey. The recipes recommend using a sugar pumpkin but jack o lanterns could make the cut.

Determined not to waste so much food, I press on–cutting, seeding, slicing, and then into the slow cooker. Nothing to do but wait–wait and think about everyone congratulating me on my baking mastery and my ultimate resourcefulness. Continue reading “Okinawan Sweet Potato Pie”

Caught Not Bought

It’s Sunday morning, when I get an unexpected call. “I got you menpachi” Really?? Excited for some fried fish, and still surprised by the call, we make plans to meet the next day at Chinatown Market Place. My good friends Randy and Chris are planning to sell last nights catch and I invite myself to tag along.

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Waimanalo TKG

On the rare Saturday morning off, my husband managed to get me out of bed and off to the KCC Farmers Market. After an hour of shopping, full from breakfast and inspired by all the produce, we continue through Hawaii Kai and further on east. Still fresh off our farmers market high, we decide to check out what else we can find in the back road farms and nurseries of Waimanalo. Continue reading “Waimanalo TKG”