Waialua Pig Roast

This Little Piggy Part IV

(Continued from Part III)

This is the third year our pig roast was held at the Yoneshige family beach house in Waialua. The weather was perfect! Blue skies and sunshine made eight hours of pig roasting literally, a day on the beach. This year’s pig was no ordinary pig. It was a 50 lb. Shinsato Farms pig, slow roasted over kiawe wood and basted with coconut water.

Start at Part I to see the entire journey of This Little Piggy.


The pig is stuffed with onion, garlic, lemongrass, Hawaiian salt, and ti leaf to keep its shape.

Stuffing the pig

Whole Shinsato Pig


Kiawe on standby



Coconut water and oil to give our pig a nice tan.


Don’t forget to add another big chunk of Shinsato pork for good measure. Homemade char siu basted with hoisin and Chinese five spice.

Homemade Char Siu

Time to throw out the poles and wait


Waialua Beach House

Lunch time. Char siu banh mi with our homemade Shinsato pork liver pâté’

Banh Mi

Now…back to the beach!

Beach time

A quick snack break


Fresh made andagi and anda-dogs with little smokies.


Check out that color. Now let’s eat!


Perfect! Super tender and moist with a hint of garlic and lemongrass. Complements to the chefs and everyone involved.



Waialua Pig Roast


Sunset in Waialua

Roasting a pig is a group effort. It’s a big production–picking up the pig, the ingredients, the kiawe, prepping and stuffing, roasting and basting, and all the good food in between–but it’s worth every minute.

It reminds us of how lucky we are to live in Hawaii. It teaches us the value of our food sources. Nothing is wasted (see where our little piggy goes next) And it brings friends and families together from across the island to eat and talk story. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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