All Over Mo Betta

Moloka’i Part I

If you’re from Hawaii you know, Moloka’i has a reputation for being the unfriendly Friendly Isle. There are threads on travel sites dedicated to tourists inquiring if Moloka’i is safe or about getting stinkeye. Even local people in Hawaii talk about spoiled fishing and hunting trips.

During Anthony Bourdain’s visit with Parts Unknown, he notes Moloka’i is “supposedly the most unwelcoming place in Hawaii” with a reputation for being “mean…inward looking (even) hostile.” But in the end he concludes it’s the place he felt most welcome with some of the nicest people he’s met on his stay.

So what’s the deal? The truth is, like most things–It’s complicated. With family on almost every island, I’ve had a chance to visit nearly all–except Moloka’i. Maybe because of its reputation or because I don’t hunt or fish, but in 30+ yrs I never had a reason ’til now. Continue reading “All Over Mo Betta”