Shinsato Farms Continued

Above: Pigs ready for Halekulani brunch

This Little Piggy Part I

(Continued from Shinsato Farms blog post)

All of the pigs on Shinsato Farms are born, raised, and slaughtered on the farm. As the sign notes: No Outside Pigs Accepted. They’re also processed on-site by Amy and her husband. This means, less stress for the pigs. There’s no scary transport to an off-site facility and they’re only handled by the two people they know best, their owners.


Entering the facility. “The only on-farm USDA inspected slaughter facility on Oahu.” The pork is “processed onsite…and under USDA inspection.” It’s “fresh, safe, and natural.”


For quality control and humane handling, a maximum of 15 pigs are slaughtered and only once a week.


The animals rest in a peaceful setting, overlooking the lake at sunset.

Overlooking the lake


The actual facility is clean and sterile. It wasn’t at all shocking like you might imagine. The animals are shocked. That’s it. They go peacefully.


From there, it’s a labor intense process to clean and shave them.


The pork is then stored and ready for distribution all around the island.

Pigs for Halekulani Brunch

Seeing where our pork comes from really made us appreciate everything that goes into producing the meat on our tables. We really tried our best to make use of our pig in every way possible.

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