King crab okonomiyaki
2large pancakes
2large pancakes
  1. Combine okonomiyaki flour and water (Add the yamaimo here if using all purpose flour)
  2. Mix in cabbage and crab first. Then gently fold in eggs. Don’t over mix eggs.
  3. Lightly oil pan on medium heat. Add batter, gently flatten. Cook for 7 min on each side until nicely browned. Test for doneness in the middle. Make sure the flour is fully cooked without overcooking the egg. Note: You can make individual pancakes or one large pancake and divide. We divided ours.
  4. Remove from pan
  5. Drizzle with okonomiyaki sauce and homemade mayo. Garnish with katsuobushi, green onion, and red ginger. Voila! Savory Japanese egg pancake. Golden and fluffy but crisp around the edges. Chunks of king crab in each bite with a zip of flavor from the sauces and red ginger. Yum!
Recipe Notes

I’ll let you on how our okonomiyaki waffles turn out!