Koba’s Nursery (& Lunch)

I first found Koba’s Nursery when looking for centerpieces for our 1st Birthday. Prices are affordable and the setting is gorgeous with the Ko’olaus in the backdrop. As an added bonus you can also do your shopping around the sprawling property in one of their golf carts!

Koba’s Nursery 41-715 Mokulama St, Waimanalo, HI 96795 Open: Mon-Sat 7am-3:30pm

If you don’t live in the area, I recommend making a day trip out of it. There’s a lot to do in Waimanalo. I included our itinerary at the end of this post.

Park your car and ask to borrow one of the golf carts out front.

The property is huge, so you’ll need it.

They have a wide selection. Everything you could want from trendy house and office plants to ground cover and landscaping options, or in our case, budget friendly centerpieces.

Life on the farm

Big machines and small animals

Even more options in the tented greenhouse.

The next time you need a plant, skip the big box stores and head to a local nursery. There are many to choose from. Prices are fair. You won’t be disappointed.

Our baby luau was some time ago so I can’t remember the exact price but these spider plants were well within budget. I bought 30-40 for our Boy’s Day themed party. Thrilled with how it turned out.

If you have time, OK Poultry is nearby. Highly recommend picking up a tray of farm fresh TKG eggs. Check out this post to see our visit and how we used our eggs. Be sure to double check hours before planning your drive. You might try ordering ahead of time. They do sell out sometimes.

Also couldn’t leave you hanging without lunch. Waimanalo has some good options, including Koala Moa Chicken at Bellows, Keneke’s plate lunch, sandwiches and shave ice, and Ai Love Nalo’s vegan menu. Get it to-go and find the nearest beach or park. This time though, we stopped by Hawaiian Island Cafe.

I can’t vouch for the entire menu but what we ordered was really good. The lau lau plate was so ono. The luau was really moist and flavorful but still retained the texture. Pork was tasty and the potato mac salad was a good complement. The one thing that kept it from receiving a 10 of 10 was the rice. Would still definitely order again.

Tofu taegu salad with added chicken. I normally prefer my dressing to be savory. But the addition of the taegu and chicken made it different than the traditional tofu salad so I was ok with this. Everything was fresh.

Pastele stew was so good too. Super tasty. Also with side potato mac. I want this whole order again, with better rice. It was a little too dry when we visited. Other than that, they have these recipes down.

After all that, you’ll need some fresh fruit and a nap in the shade. Enjoy!

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