Hibachi Market

The Hibachi is a small specialty market in Kailua. Open since 2009, it’s a place to make a quick stop for poke, meats to grill, snacks, and spirits. They also serve grill plates and burgers. No need to make a special trip here. But if you’re in the area, it’s a nice local addition to Kailua’s gourmet line-up, which already includes Whole Foods and R-Field.

What we bought

Thick-cut bone-in rib-eye steak, limu poke, lomi sea asparagus, clam dip, Hokkaido rich butter chips, yuzu miso sauce.

What we liked

The rib-eye, Hokkaido butter chips and clam dip. Rib-eye was impressive. It’s not often you get to buy a really thick-cut, bone-in steak like that. The hubby seared it in a hot pan with butter and wine and finished it in the oven, medium-rare. It was enough to feed three of us pupu style. Rich butter chips were also unexpected. Lighter than lays and extra buttery. Clam dip was thick and creamy with a solid clam flavor. Would buy all three again. Excited to try the yuzu miso sauce.

Next time

Skip the lomi sea asparagus. Lomied a little too much. Salty and over-dressed. Missing the crunch. The poke was decent. I wouldn’t say the BEST. Would buy it again, just not as much. Maybe try a different flavor. I want to try the other flavored dips. They have lobster and onion. Would also try the other meats, fish filets, and spirits.

Hibachi seems to cater to Japanese tourists, so there was a nice selection of sake. After reading a yelp review, they also have a small room in the back with other gourmet products. It looks like a store room so it’s easy to miss.

515 Kailua Rd. Kailua, HI 96734 Open daily 10am – 8pm; Fri & Sat until 9pm

Deli Counter

Poke counter and poke bowls by the pound.

Poke Counter

Grilling Meats

Grill plates and burger menu. If you’re buying lunch, the meats are grilled to order.

BBQ Meats

Marinated and prepared meats for the grill. Huge bone-in rib-eye on the lower right. Top right in the sealed package is wagyu beef.

Desserts and Sake

Desserts and other goodies. Don’t forget the dip.

Hibachi Wine and Sake

Nice selection of wine, beer, and sake.

Yuzu Miso

Yuzu miso sauce $12. Planning on using this for a butterfish or chicken marinade. Also for miso salad dressing.

Hokkaido Butter Chips & Clam Dip

Best seat in the house. Hokkaido rich butter chips $1.99 and clam dip. Get them both. Good together. Good separate.

Poke and poi

Cooler of essentials, Rabbit Island in the background. No matter what, you can’t beat poke and poi with this view. Made an extra stop at Shima’s for the poi.

Rabbit Island

And this is why it’s God’s country. Sunset at Waimanalo on a Saturday. All-in-all, a good experience. Quick and easy stop on your way to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Waimanalo Beach

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