Farm to Chopstix

Farm to Chopstix is a series of collaborative dinners running from Jun to Oct 2016. The events take place on local farms using meats and produce sourced direct from the farm. Each menu is prepared by Drunken Master Chef, Lan Thai and paired with locally made craft beers.

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Pronounced Poh-Kay

Poke has been in the greater culinary consciousness for decades, but in 2016 it’s become a bonafide trend. Restaurants are opening across the country serving raw fish, heavily sauced on kale and zucchini noodles, along with phonetic instruction on how to pronounce the latest fad.

Articles are everywhere with titles like “What Is Poke & Where Should You Get It?” Another video from INSIDER Food, shows eaters “going wild for…sushi in a bowl,” ordering from a Subway-style list of toppings, including cucumbers and jalapeños. While the excitement is understandable, back at home poke is anything but a trend. Continue reading “Pronounced Poh-Kay”

Chun’s BBQ

All-you-can-eat yakiniku joints are understandably popular. It’s an almost guarantee for a full stomach and a good time. Unlimited grilled meats with all the extras for $20-$30 a person. It’s hard to turn down, especially at 2 am. You can’t go wrong.

That said, places like Sikodorak and Camellia are never a bad meal. But all-you-can-eat in 60-min isn’t really all you can eat is it? Continue reading “Chun’s BBQ”

Tin Roof Maui

Sheldon Simeon did Hawaii proud on Top Chef Seattle and I’ve been a fan ever since. All of his restaurants–Star Noodle, Migrant, and his newest eatery Tin Roof Maui–pay homage to local flavors. From spam musubi to misnomered poke bowls our food is making an appearance on dining tables around the world. Next generation restaurants like Tin Roof are both defining and expanding on what that means. Continue reading “Tin Roof Maui”

Shave Ice Garden

Ordering Ice Garden is one of those small kid rituals we all know. On a weekday after school, or for us a sticky Saturday afternoon, we head to Aiea Shopping Center. The tepid AC is a mild relief from the heat, but not enough. There are several other offices and stores in the Mini Mall, but it’s difficult to remember what they are. Like everyone else we’re here for one thing only–shave ice. Continue reading “Shave Ice Garden”